Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk

(Please read carefully. This is a legally enforceable waiver of rights.)


The signer acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily applied to participate in a tour (the “Tour”) organized by The Bredeson Group LLC dba Bredeson Outdoor Adventures (and its employees, agents, guides, associates, directors, officers and shareholders, hereinafter referred to as “Bredeson Outdoor Adventures”). The signer is voluntarily participating in the Tour with knowledge that travel involves numerous risks and dangers including, but not limited to: the forces of nature; civil unrest; terrorism; roads, trails, hotels, vehicles, boats or other means of conveyance which are not operated or maintained at standards common in the United States; high altitude; accident or illness without access to means of rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies; the adequacy of medical attention once provided; physical exertion for which the signer is not prepared; consumption of alcoholic beverages; or negligence  on the part of Bredeson Outdoor Adventures or its suppliers and/or vendors. The signer acknowledges that the enjoyment and excitement of adventure travel is derived in part from the inherent risks incurred by travel and activity beyond the accepted safety of life at home or work, and that these inherent risks contribute to such enjoyment and excitement, and are reasons for his/her voluntary participation. The signer hereby agrees to be responsible for his/her own welfare, and the welfare of all minors under the age of 21 traveling with the signer, and accepts any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, illness, injury, emotional trauma, or death and verifies this statement.


The signer hereby releases and discharges Bredeson Outdoor Adventures, its officers, employees, agents, and suppliers (“Released Parties”) from and against any and all liability arising from his/her participation in the Tour. The signer agrees that this release shall be legally binding upon himself/herself, all minors under the age of 21 traveling with the signer, the signer’s heirs, successors, assigns, and legal representatives; it being the signer’s intention to fully assume all the risk of travel and to release the Released Parties from any and all liabilities to the maximum extent permitted by law.
The signer understands that his/her application to participate in this trip is subject to acceptance by Bredeson Outdoor Adventures, and, upon acceptance shall be deemed to have been entered into and to be performed in the State of Connecticut, U.S.A. In the unlikely event of a legal dispute with Bredeson Outdoor Adventures involving any subject matter whatsoever, the signer agrees that the following conditions will apply: (a) the dispute will be governed by Connecticut law; and (b) any legal action must be commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Connecticut. In further consideration for participation in the tour, Bredeson Outdoor Adventures reserves the right to take photographs or films of any of its tours, and may use any such records for promotional and/or commercial purposes, without remuneration to the signer. The signer agrees to assign all right, title, and interest they may have in or to any media in which their name or likeness might be used to Bredeson Outdoor Adventures.
The signer has carefully read and fully understands the contents and legal ramifications of this agreement as well as all the conditions as stated “Trip Prospectus” or “Trip Itinerary”, especially noting those conditions regarding cancellation and refund policies, limitation of liability, and responsibility borne by trip participants. The signer has adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage he/she may suffer or cause while participating in the trip; and in the absence of such insurance, the signer agrees to be financially responsible for the costs of such injury or damage. The signer certifies that he/she has no medical, physical, or emotional condition which could interfere with his/her safety on this trip; and if such condition should arise during the course of the trip, the signer agrees to assume and bear the costs of all risks that may result from such condition. The signer understands this is a legally binding and enforceable contract and signs it of his/her own free will. The signer agrees that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.