Hiking in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures on a trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun. This trip takes place in the western fjord country. We’ll be based in Lofthus in the Hardanger region on the eastern shore of Sorfjorden, or South Fjord, facing the Folgefonna Glacier on the sunny side of high mountains. Most of our hikes will take place in the Hardangarvidda National Park with views of the Fjord, waterfalls and dramatically steep cliffs. Our hiking adventure will start and end in the beautiful, old coastal city of Bergen.

Rambles in England’s Literary Lake District

Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures for rambles in the heart of England’s literary Lake District. The Lake District is the first and largest of England’s national parks. It is the land of William Wordsworth and other Romantic poets, and the inspiration for Beatrix Potter’s works. It lies in northwest England nestled between the sea and Scotland, and is a region of high mountains, deep valleys, and deep blue lakes formed 10,000 years ago by glaciers. Wild, rugged mountains contrast with charming villages and farms.

Hiking Cinque Terre and Tuscany

We’ll be based in the classic Renaissance, Tuscan town of Lucca for the first leg of the trip, where we’ll have a chance to visit both this beautiful city and the surrounding countryside.  Lucca is a graceful little city known for its oval square, intact walls, churches, historic buildings and the 14th century Guinigi Tower with amazing 360 degree views of the town.  It is also known for the operas of Puccini, its most famous son.  This car-free gem invites exploration of the maze of ancient streets and alleyways, or a walk on top of its five kilometer long city walls.  After visiting Lucca

French Pyrenees Peaks and Valleys Self-Guided Hiking Trip

In this self-guided point-to-point hiking trip you stay at three hotels, each of them three star, and have a choice of two walks each day (moderate or strenuous) as you explore the southern part of the Hautes Pyrénées. The hikes are mainly on good paths and tracks with no scrambling. The trip starts in the foothills and builds up to a climax at Gavarnie in the heart of the mountains. The final day allows an opportunity to explore the World Heritage site of the Cirque de Gavarnie, a spectacular amphitheater of peaks rising to over 3000 meters.

French Pyrenees Meridian Way Self-Guided Hiking Trip

The trip is an eight-day point to point trek following the Meridian Way, a route that roughly follows the International Greenwich Meridian through the French département of the Hautes Pyrénées. We pick up the route at the town of Lourdes in the north of the department and then wend our way southwards to Gavarnie.  The walks are mainly on good paths and tracks with no scrambling. We start in the foothills and the adventure builds up to a climax at Gavarnie in the heart of the mountains.

Tour du Mont Blanc: Soft Beds and Hard Hikes

The Tour du Mont Blanc (or TMB), a circuit hike around Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest mountain at almost 16 thousand feet, is one of the world’s classic hikes. In this circuit we spend each night in a different location as we hike around the base of this white, glacier covered massif.  (Almost) midway we enjoy an overnight in the lovely Italian town of Courmayeur.We travel on foot from France to Italy to Switzerland and back to France. We also journey back in time, since our base, Chamonix, is the birthplace of mountaineering in the Alps.

Hiking the Haute Route

The Hiker's Haute Route is one of the world's classic, and challenging, treks. The Route was established almost a hundred years ago, first as a ski route. It was later developed into a high-level hike. The Haute Route links the two famous birth places of mountaineering in the Alps, Chamonix and Zermatt, each with its own fascinating history. The Route connecting these busy Alpine centers contains numerous quaint and quiet villages, which you'll pass through.