Hiking in Croatia on Hvar and Brač Islands

Hiking in Croatia on Hvar and Brač Islands

The sensational Croatian coast has long been known for its sun and beaches. Yet there is also another Croatia, less discovered and just as breathtaking. With over 1,000 islands to explore, the “Other Croatia” is one of Europe’s most outstanding adventure stages. This self-guided hiking tour starts with an overnight in beautiful Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, and then focuses on two islands, Hvar and Brač. After arriving in Dubrovnik, you'll explore the city at your own pace, including a hike to the top of Srd Mountain for a spectacular view of the Old Town.

Scotland Hiking Adventure: Exploring the Highlands, the Isle of Skye and Edinburgh

Join us for this beautiful hiking and cultural adventure in Scotland, a land rich in lore, scenery and culture. Scotland is known for its mountains, including Ben Nevis, the highest in Great Britain, its lakes (“lochs”), its lovely valleys (“glens”) and forests. Although it is part of the United Kingdom, Scotland was independent for centuries with its own monarch, and has a fascinating, sometimes turbulent, history of its own. 

Ireland: Self-Guided Hiking in the Kingdom of Kerry

Ireland's fabled County Kerry consists of a series of spectacular mountainous peninsulae divided by deep-sea inlets. MacGillycuddy’s Reeks form the centerpiece of the Ring of Kerry, a 179-kilometre circuit from Killarney, via Killorglin, Cahersiveen, Waterville, Kenmare and back to Killarney across Moll’s Gap and past Ladies View – one of Ireland’s most famous viewpoints. Weaving between these points are a network of ancient paths that are nearly as old as the land itself, many of which form part of a long-distance track known as the ‘Kerry Way’.

Guided Ireland Hiking and Boating Adventure: Exploring the Emerald Isle

Ireland Hiking and Boating Adventure: Exploring the Emerald Isle

Please join us for this guided hiking, boating and cultural adventure on the beautiful Emerald Isle. This small country is immersed in history and its friendly people express their lyrical nature in the lilting warmth of their welcome, their music and their story telling. Ireland alternates between small villages with quaint streets and the requisite pubs, where we’ll listen to lively music, and wild Romantic island, coastal, wooded and mountain landscapes. It has inspired poets, musicians and artists – and it will likely inspire you as well.

Hiking in Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt Hiking

On this trip you can unpack your bags and enjoy day hikes on and around the Matterhorn, known at the Sphinx of the Alps, in Zermatt. Zermatt is in the German-speaking region of the Swiss canton of Wallis. The Matterhorn towers over this area next to the Italian border. Although there are numerous 4,000 meter high peaks nearby, none has quite the same irresistible pull on one’s shutter finger as the Matterhorn, as evidenced by the number of photographs of the Matterhorn that inevitably come home from Zermatt hiking vacations.

Romania Hiking: Transylvanian Travels


Romania, one of the newest members of the EU, consists of one half mountains and forests, and is one of Europe’s most undisturbed mountain regions. It has a tranquil rural beauty and intact Old World culture.  Romania’s Medieval Saxon villages are atmospheric and interesting, especially Transylvania, Romania’s legend-filled heart.  In some places you’ll see as many buggies as you do cars, crossing paths with shepherds tending their flocks. 

Greek Island Hiking Adventure: Crete and Santorini

Crete is the largest and most mountainous of the Greek islands.  It boasts an incredible variety of scenery and vegetation, and an amazing history dating back to the 4000 year old Minoan civilization.  The spectacular White Mountains rise up from the western end.  The peaks tower above a coastline of sheer cliffs cut by deep gorges running down to the sea.  These impressive gorges are resplendent with plane trees, Cyprus pines and maple trees.  Samaria Gorge along the southern coast is Europe’s longest and one of its most spectacular gorges.  The historic port town of Chania at the western

Hiking in Sicily, A World Apart

Hiking in Sicily:  A World Apart

A mountainous island, Sicily is separated from the mainland by the Straits of Messina, perched virtually on the toe of Italy’s boot. Culturally there is an even wider gap between Italy and its semiautonomous island, Sicily, which feels a world apart.  The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a land of beauty, mystery, and world-class monuments. Sicilia straddles a crossroads in the Mediterranean, part of Europe and Africa yet belonging to neither.