Private Trips

Hiking in Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt Hiking

On this trip you can unpack your bags and enjoy day hikes on and around the Matterhorn, known at the Sphinx of the Alps, in Zermatt. Zermatt is in the German-speaking region of the Swiss canton of Wallis. The Matterhorn towers over this area next to the Italian border. Although there are numerous 4,000 meter high peaks nearby, none has quite the same irresistible pull on one’s shutter finger as the Matterhorn, as evidenced by the number of photographs of the Matterhorn that inevitably come home from Zermatt hiking vacations.

Romania Hiking: Transylvanian Travels


Romania, one of the newest members of the EU, consists of one half mountains and forests, and is one of Europe’s most undisturbed mountain regions. It has a tranquil rural beauty and intact Old World culture.  Romania’s Medieval Saxon villages are atmospheric and interesting, especially Transylvania, Romania’s legend-filled heart.  In some places you’ll see as many buggies as you do cars, crossing paths with shepherds tending their flocks. 

Greek Island Hiking Adventure: Crete and Santorini

Crete is the largest and most mountainous of the Greek islands.  It boasts an incredible variety of scenery and vegetation, and an amazing history dating back to the 4000 year old Minoan civilization.  The spectacular White Mountains rise up from the western end.  The peaks tower above a coastline of sheer cliffs cut by deep gorges running down to the sea.  These impressive gorges are resplendent with plane trees, Cyprus pines and maple trees.  Samaria Gorge along the southern coast is Europe’s longest and one of its most spectacular gorges.  The historic port town of Chania at the western

Glacier National Park Hiking Adventure Montana

Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures for this amazing hiking adventure in Glacier National Park, the undisputed “Crown of the Continent” and one of the world’s most awesome wilderness parks.  Its glaciers accent steep cliff edges, where mountain goats prance as the Walendas of the animal kingdom. Glacier is full of dramatic mountain ranges, alpine meadows replete with wildflowers and sculpted glacial valleys reflected in lakes. Acres of lush green parklands plunge down jagged red pinnacles, exposing some of the world’s oldest stones.

Maine Wilderness Hut to Hut Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing

Maine Wilderness Hut to Hut Snowshoeing

Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures for a four day, three night guided hut to hut snowshoeing tour in the wilderness region of Western Maine. By day we’ll snowshoe from one hut to the next through a lovely and varied countryside. Our adventure takes place in a region where a system of people-powered trails connects backcountry eco-lodges. When the network is complete, it will stretch nearly 200 miles from near the New Hampshire border to the Moosehead Lake region.

Hiking in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures on a trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun. This trip takes place in the western fjord country. We’ll be based in Lofthus in the Hardanger region on the eastern shore of Sorfjorden, or South Fjord, facing the Folgefonna Glacier on the sunny side of high mountains. Most of our hikes will take place in the Hardangarvidda National Park with views of the Fjord, waterfalls and dramatically steep cliffs. Our hiking adventure will start and end in the beautiful, old coastal city of Bergen.

Rambles in England’s Literary Lake District

Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures for rambles in the heart of England’s literary Lake District. The Lake District is the first and largest of England’s national parks. It is the land of William Wordsworth and other Romantic poets, and the inspiration for Beatrix Potter’s works. It lies in northwest England nestled between the sea and Scotland, and is a region of high mountains, deep valleys, and deep blue lakes formed 10,000 years ago by glaciers. Wild, rugged mountains contrast with charming villages and farms.

Hiking Grand Teton and Yellowstone Wyoming

Please join us for this magnificent hiking trip amidst the pristine wilderness and rugged beauty of America’s most beloved national parks, Grand Teton and Yellowstone.  Yellowstone was formed in 1872 as the world’s first national park, a concept that has been called America’s best idea.  In both parks we’ll have opportunities to observe wildlife, including bison and perhaps bears. We’ll travel in boats on lakes, and enjoy dinners that range from elegant park lodge repasts to chuck wagon suppers.